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Calls for Submissions From the Public

Submissions about possible short to medium term changes to the current arrangements for allocating smartnumbers® to improve allocative efficiency must be received by...

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Barriers to Skype on mobiles evaporate

Brisbane Times
New Skype apps for the iPhone and Symbian platforms will allow mobile users to bypass telco voice networks completely, making calls using the internet over the 3G data network...

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Outcome: 1.0, Output: 1.1                  Question: 137
Topic: Smart numbers
Written Question on Notice
Senator Conroy asked:

1. The smart number auction system for freecall numbers that spell a word or business name commenced in 2004. Since that time a secondary market in these numbers has arisen. Did the Government contemplate that such market would develop?

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Novel domain decision clarifies tests for consolidation of multiple complaints

Australian Trade Marks Law Blog

In National Dial A Word Registry Pty Ltd and others v. 1300 Directory Pty Ltd (WIPO Case No. DAU2008-0021) an Administrative Panel Decision of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center handed down on 6 March, 2009, the Complaint was submitted by nine complainants against one respondent. More info HERE.

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Phonewords around the World

Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia

The main advantages of phonewords over standard phone numbers include increased memorability and increased response rates to advertising. They are easier to remember than numeric phone numbers….

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"Smarter than the average number ..."

Julian Gyngell's talk on "Phonewords and Finance", kindly hosted yesterday at the London office of McDermott Emery & Will, was a treat for those who attended. In short, * Australia has instituted a system by which Smartnumbers, these being the numerical bases for alphanumerical telephone numbers, are auctioned to the highest bidder, subject to minimal conditions and limitations…

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Melbourne Express, Thursday, June 27, 2019  The Age

And that's a wrap from us this morning. It's been a pretty good morning on the trains, but there are still some minor delays on the Craigieburn, Cranbourne and ...

Mobile phone ban: Hindering learning is in the palms of their hands  The Age

The intention to ban mobile phones for students in Victorian government schools, generally, is applauded.

Pret a Manager: UK brother reveals final words to dying teen sister after fatal allergy  9News

The brother of a British girl who died from an allergic reaction after eating a sandwich from a Pret a Manager chain has revealed he was forced to say a final ...

SA Govt open to banning mobile phones in schools  InDaily

The Marshall Government says it will consider whether to ban mobile phone use in SA public schools.

Boris Johnson Voter Tells James O'Brien He's "Lost For Words" By Boris's "Awful" Phone-In  LBC

James O'Brien speaks to a lot of disillusioned leave voters. But this disappointed caller, who voted for Brexit based on Boris Johnson's promises, really moved ...

Drowning in Prime Day? Make it disappear from your internet  CNET

Keep from seeing all the Prime Day coverage on your news feeds.

Xiaomi launches the Xiaomi CC phone brand, aimed at younger audiences  TechRadar

Smartphones aimed at younger audiences is a crowded market, with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy A range, Oppo Reno series and Honor brand all vying ...

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – a screen on the outside, or a clamshell camera phone?  Digital Camera World

Samsung has tried folding, wraparound and rollable camera phone screens – will the next one be a clamshell design?

Jailed Gold Bus driver Jack Aston shares words of hope and gratitude from prison  Ballarat Courier

"In prison, the system tries to take everything from me: my self respect, identity, morals, self esteem, self worth and principles. After almost six months in the ...

How to use the new iPhone keyboard tool that revolutionizes typing in iOS 13  CNET

QuickPath is Apple's version of gesture typing, and it's pretty great.

This is the number of people that don't regret peeping on partner's phone  Ladders

One in five people - that's 19% - have sneaked a peek at their significant other's phone without permission, according to a poll of over 1200 adults.

Want a More Affordable Android Phone? The OnePlus 7 Pro Is Cheaper Without (Many) Sacrifices  TIME

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a high-end Android smartphone without many sacrifices at a cheaper price than the Samsung Galaxy.

Hackers Steal Tons of Phone Records From 10 Carriers Worldwide  Tom's Guide

Ten different telecom companies worldwide were attacked by (possibly) Chinese hackers who stole huge amounts of call-record data.

Bring some color into your life with HONOR's new 3D-holographic smartphones  Android Central

Black. White. Blue. Red. Odds are, the back of your smartphone is some monochromatic color you'd find in a beginner Crayola set. Most phone makers took far ...

President Good Brain Called Into Fox Business to Ramble Nonsense and Vent About Mueller  Esquire.com

Maria Bartiromo tried to toss some softball questions, but Donald Trump just bulldozed through the rants about spying and Twitter oppression and his "different" ...

'Disturbance' gives a voice to victims of domestic violence  The Japan Times

Standing alone, high up on the balcony of the Musicasa theater in Tokyo, the character of Jane — a wife, mother and a victim of domestic abuse — leaves a r.

Sean Hannity just demonstrated how not to interview President Trump  Vox.com

Trump's latest Fox News interview featured a number of especially incoherent moments. Hannity let him skate.

Will children really grow horns from too much phone use?  Mother Nature Network

If you don't put that phone down, you'll grow horns. That's the kind of warning you might expect from parents looking to frighten kids into more fruitful pursuits.

A Netflix hack lets you feel the action in a scene by vibrating your phone  TechCrunch

Netflix Hack Day, the company's internal hackathon, has a habit of producing some amazing gems — like a brain-controlled interface, a Fitbit hack that shuts off ...

Sloppy Reporting on Iran Could Inadvertently Start a War  Washington Monthly

I'm not qualified at all to translate Persian into English, so I look to people who are fluent in Persian to do that kind of work for me. Professor Juan Cole tells me ...

Black Market T-Mobile Location Data Tied to Spot of a Triple Murder  VICE

In 2017, two bounty hunters and a fugitive died in a chaotic shoot-out. Shortly after their deaths, someone started tracking one of the bounty hunter's phones.

What startup names are most effective?  TechCrunch

Entrepreneurs take a long journey when naming their brainchild, comparable to a parent naming their own flesh and blood. There are many reasons behind ...

The Best Features of iOS 13: Maps, Photos, Privacy, Health  WIRED

Apple's next mobile operating system is now available as a public beta. Here's what you need to know about iOS 13.

Serena's Phone In 'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Definitely Going To Play A Big Role  Elite Daily

The Handmaid's Tale went back to Canada during Season 2 Episode 5, in a scene that really mixed it up in terms of character interaction. To the surprise of just ...

Daycare apps notify parents about everything their child does  Treehugger

Is it helpful information or a form of digitally-enabled helicopter parenting? I didn't know daycare notification apps were a thing until my youngest child started at ...

Mother's bill pushes for hands-free cell phone use in cars  WHP Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, PA — We've been telling you about House Bill 37, also known as the hands-free bill. If passed, drivers could only use their phones when it's ...

Trump DHS Moves 100 Migrant Kids Back to “Child Jail” Despite Conditions  Truthout

The Department of Homeland Security has moved 100 migrant children back to a Border Patrol facility in Clint, Texas, where infants and toddlers have been ...

Rahul Gandhi was translating difficult Hindi words: Congress defends phone fiddling during President's speech  India Today

Justifying Rahul Gandhi's phone fiddling during half of President's address, Anand Sharma said that Congress chief was trying translate "difficult Hindi words ...

No, we're probably not growing horns because of our cellphone use. One of the authors of that study sells posture pillows.  Business Insider

A study suggested young people are growing horns on their heads, possibly because of heavy cellphone use. But that's not backed up by the science.

Police lack resources to target drivers on phones  Jersey Evening Post

THE police do not have sufficient resources to dedicate enough time to tackle drivers using mobile phones, the States force has said.

OnePlus 7 review: designed to make you want the OnePlus 7 Pro  The Verge

OnePlus pulled some sleight of hand with its naming of the OnePlus 7 series. It announced the 7 Pro like it's the new addition to the lineup — and that is indeed ...

How to Add Song Lyrics to Playing Music in Your Instagram Stories  WonderHowTo

The Music sticker is one of Instagram's best features. With it, you can add music directly to your story, incorporating a high-quality soundtrack to your favorite ...

No, Instagram isn't listening to you. It can get all the info it needs without a microphone  Mic

Do you ever get the sense that Instagram knows you a little too well? Sponsored posts that seem almost too targeted have users wondering if the app is using ...

Her Bank Account Was Drained of $2,000 in 30 Minutes, BB&T Warns About Bank Scam Text  WFMYNews2.com

The fraudulent alert text appeared to be coming from BB&T, but Candice Terrell later saw that her bank account had been drained of more than $2000.

Single Mom Asks for 69 Cent Electricity Donation — and Money Pours In: 'May God Bless You All'  PEOPLE.com

A single mother from South Africa who desperately asked social media users for a 69 cent electricity donation was left stunned by the response she received ...

Emotion Big Part Of Michael Dogbe's Cardinals Equation Rookie defensive lineman grateful for chance at NFL  AZCardinals.com

Rookie defensive lineman grateful for chance at NFL life.

West Of Ninth: People, In Their Own Words... (6/26)  Louisville Eccentric Observer

June 17, 2019. Kelvonnie, from Portland “I've been down here for a few years. I lived in The East End. I grew up in Sheppard Square. My family lives down here.

Wiregrass couple puts action behind words volunteering for Make-A-Wish  WTVY, Dothan

Many people talk about doing good in their communities, but one Wiregrass couple is putting effort behind their words.

Richard Cornish goes undercover to review restaurants. He's critiquing before he even sits down  ABC News

He's the eyes and ears and the noses and the tongues of his readers. His reviews have the power to make or break a restaurant — and it's not a responsibility he ...

Google is finally taking charge of the RCS rollout  The Verge

We've been hearing about RCS, the replacement for SMS texting, for over a year now, but actually using the next-generation *service* has been nearly impossible ...

Daily horoscope for Thursday June 7 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today  The Sun

March 21 to April 20. You start to feel a new confidence about creative plans, giving you a deepening ability to start projects and see them through. You also find ...

Out of the Fog: How Solving Puzzles Cured My ‘Mommy Brain’  The New York Times

While simultaneously mopping up toddler goo and saving the cat's tail from an eager little fist, I spied my husband in the kitchen. My growling stomach reminded ...

My secret shame: I am (still) addicted to Pokémon Go  The Guardian

Dominic Rushe has caught over 11000 Pokémon, walked 1841km in Poké-land, and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

Last Word on summer jobs, June 26  Virginia Gazette

My wife, with her bachelor of science degree in business, works in the field and is paid $25 an hour. My son, who attended Virginia Tech, works in new ...

What the Tech: Hands-free devices  KFDX

We're all familiar with the dangers of drinking and driving, but distracted driving caused by the use of cellphones is equally dangerous. States are banning the ...

A flair for the traumatic | Opinion  Moultrie News

For a split second, the room is totally still. All eyes – and there are a lot of them: nurses, doctors, techs, an EMT standing just off to the side – are trained on ...

The Kardashian Moment We’ve All Been Waiting for Has Finally Arrived  The Cut

On Season 16, Episode 11, of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the show finally deals with the drama between Jordyn Woods, Tristan Thompson, and Khloé ...

12 ways HBO changed the Chernobyl story  Business Insider

HBO's “Chernobyl” mixes fact with fiction in its dramatization of the 1986 nuclear meltdown in Soviet Ukraine. Here are 12 things that didn't happen exactly as ...

The Flowr Corporation Announces Public Offering of Common Shares for Approximately C$125 Million  GlobeNewswire

TORONTO, June 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Flowr Corporation (TSX.V: FLWR; OTC: FLWPF) (“Flowr” or the “Company”) announced today that it has ...

TRAIKOS: Blue Jackets won't 'close any doors' on free agents  Canada.com

They are heading out the door. But, according to Columbus Blue Jackets GM. Jarmo Kekalainen. , just because. Matt Duchene. ,. Artemi Panarin. and.

‘Polite F-U Letters’: DOJ Says Emails Show ‘Brazen’ Illegal Coordination Among Drug Makers  Law & Crime

Read the most egregious allegations from the unredacted complaint alleging drug makers engaged in illegal price coordination.

Dilation, Blindness, and The Value Delivered  Flathead Beacon

“You could go blind, you know.“ My eye doctor said that. He'd barely stopped exhaling the words “Your eyes look great, they're as healthy as they could be.

Norfolk Police unveils new app to help fight rural crime  Lynn News

Police chiefs will today unveil their latest weapon in the fight against crime, and it's one you could have on your phone. The Norfolk force is linking up with ...

Fear, Misinformation, and Measles Spread in Brooklyn  WIRED

Measles is back, health care workers are racing to contain it, and parents of vulnerable children are frantic. How a fever spread in a tight-knit community.

Amid Trump-Created Humanitarian Crisis, One Photograph Speaks A Thousand Words  Outside The Beltway - Mobile Edition

A photograph released overnight has come to symbolize the human cost of the humanitarian crisis that has been created at the border by the Trump ...

iPhone trick will stop autocorrect changing swear word to ‘ducking’  NEWS.com.au

This could be the most valuable piece of information you learn all year, and I'm honoured to be the one to share it with you.

The Mystery of Babies’ First Words  The Atlantic

It's nearly impossible to discern when an infant's babbling turns into a fully formed word.

Behrouz Boochani's mission to change offshore detention laws using a smuggled mobile phone  ABC News

He won Australia's richest prize for literature, but Behrouz Boochani wasn't there to accept it. He was on Manus Island, more than 2000 days after he arrived on ...

Microsoft’s new language learning app uses your phone’s camera and computer vision to teach vocabulary  TechCrunch

Eight Microsoft interns have developed a new language learning tool that uses the smartphone camera to help adults improve their English literacy by learning ...

How to block a phone number on your iPhone  Business Insider

You can block a phone number on your iPhone in just four quick taps. Unblocking a number is equally easy, so you can always change your mind later.

“Son of Friedman,” by Emma Cline  The New Yorker

Fiction by Emma Cline: “George had been counting on a certain loose camaraderie, nostalgia tipping slightly toward sloppiness. William not drinking made ...

Use your phone to turn a photo of data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in a snap  CNET

Microsoft's tool for iOS and Android phones turns photos of notes, lists, recipes and numbers into Excel spreadsheets.

Founder buys out Telstra's majority stake in PhoneWords  CRN Australia

The founder of Telstra PhoneWords has led a consortium to acquire Telstra's 85 percent stake in the company, which sells personalised 1...

The three words that killed hands-free driving legislation in Virginia  Virginia Mercury

Ultimately, three words led to the downfall of hands-free driving legislation that lawmakers hoped would finally allow police to crack down on widespread use of ...

There's a wildly popular conspiracy theory that Facebook listens to your private phone calls, and no matter what the tech giant says people just aren't convinced it's not true  Business Insider

There's a belief that Facebook is listening through your phone and then serving ads based on your life. But evidence suggests this is not true.

Sadiq Khan brands Donald Trump a 'six-foot-three child in the White House'  Sky News

The London mayor renews his long-running war of words with a jibe at the US president while addressing a room of teachers.

Health Care Price Transparency  Port Townsend Leader

Would you drop your car off at an auto shop for repair with no idea of how much it would cost to get it fixed? Probably not, yet this is what America's health care ...

Designer phone cases you can wear are a new men's fashion trend  Business Insider

Wearable phone cases have slowly been making their way onto the runway at major fashion shows around the world.

I tried the $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold and it's impressive for a first-generation foldable phone, though far from perfect  Business Insider

This foldable phone is far from perfect, screen issues aside, but it's a great step forward. Here's what we enjoyed and would like to see improved.

Amazon hints that it may return to the smartphone market after its $170 million Fire phone fiasco  Business Insider

Amazon's previous attempt at bringing a smartphone to market was a flop.

Telstra sells Phonewords business to founder and Aura Funds Management  The Australian Financial Review

Telstra is selling its stake in its Phonewords business to a consortium led by the company's founder Gavin Scholes and Aura Funds Management.

I d.o.! How to solve the I d.o.n.t. autocorrect problem in iOS  Macworld

A reader figured out a simple solution: delete messages that contain the incorrect correction.

How to set up Google Assistant on your iPhone or Android phone  Business Insider

You can set up Google Assistant and "OK Google," the voice command behind it, on an iPhone or Android phone. Here's how to do it on both.

I consistently recommend smartphones from a company that few in the US have ever heard of over Apple's iPhones or Samsung's Galaxy phones — this is why  Business Insider

Despite having access to numerous expensive flagship smartphones, like those from Apple and Samsung, my SIM card usually ends up in phones from a little ...

How to Make iPhone AutoCorrect Ducking Let You Swear  How-To Geek

AutoCorrect automatically fixes typos, which is convenient—but it thinks swears are typos. Your iPhone or iPad likes changing swear words into similar, incorrect ...

SWAT members who dealt with Joshua Megeney had no formal crisis negotiation training, death inquest hears  CBC.ca

The police officers who encountered Megeney during a tense 2016 standoff did so without the on-site aid of crisis negotiators, an inquest into Megeney's death ...

Jeff Bezos' investigator thinks Saudi Arabia hacked his cell phone — here's how it could have happened  Business Insider

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' personal security consultant Gavin de Becker believes Saudi Arabia had access to Bezos' phone, according to an op-ed published by ...

Glued to Your Phone at the Dinner Table? Marshawn Lynch Wants to Have Some Words  Adweek

The NFL star and agency GS&P want to help turn meals into phone-free zones.

How to save videos on Facebook to your phone or computer  Business Insider

You can save, or "bookmark," any video on Facebook to play it again later by selecting "Save to Watchlist" or "Save Video," depending upon whether you're on a ...

Autocomplete Presents the Best Version of You  WIRED

As goofy as some of your smartphone keyboard's predictions are, at least it tries to not make you look bad.

Cory Monteith's mother shares her harrowing phone call with Lea Michele after his death.  Mamamia

Cory Monteith final words: Five years on from the Glee star's death, his mother has revealed the phone call she received from his girlfriend Lea Michele.

The Phone Number Ashton Kutcher Tweeted Comes From a Startup  WIRED

If you tried to text Ashton Kutcher today, you were prompted to sign up for a new messaging *service* called Community.

The best ways to contact Amazon for help when you have a problem with your account  Business Insider

You can contact Amazon customer *service* in a few ways to get answers about your account. Here's how to contact Amazon by phone, chat, email, and more.

Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei debuted foldable phones this year — here's how these folding screens work  Business Insider

Flexible phone screens have been in the works for the past six years. Companies like Samsung and Huawei are now making foldable phones.

The 20 best smartphones in the world  Business Insider

What's the best smartphone? This list focuses primarily on high-end flagship devices, but the best flagship smartphones don't have to be the most expensive.

How to download Amazon Prime movies and shows to your phone or tablet  Business Insider

You should know how to download Amazon Prime movies and shows if you're headed somewhere without internet or watching your data usage. Here's how.

The odd case of ‘I D.o.n.t.’ autocorrection in iOS  Macworld

A mystery plagues two iOS users, but others must be affected?

CEMATRIX Corporation Provides an Update on the Proposed Acquisition of Pacific International Grout Company  GlobeNewswire

CALGARY, Alberta, June 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CEMATRIX Corporation (TSXV: CVX) (the “Company” or “CEMATRIX”) is pleased to provide an ...

NU man faces felony assault charge | News, Sports, Jobs  NUjournal

NEW ULM — A 62-year-old New Ulm man accused of driving toward a man, trying to hit him in Traulich Estates Monday afternoon was charged with two counts ...

Samsung Galaxy S10e is the best new Galaxy phone for most people  Business Insider

Samsung unveiled five (!) new smartphones at its big event in February, but the three main flagships are the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy ...

What does the Huawei ban mean for your Huawei or Honor phone? (Updated)  Android Authority

News of U.S. firms, including Google, being forced to cut business ties with Huawei has dominated headlines. But how does this affect Huawei devices?

OnePlus 7 Pro: price, specs, and availability in 2019  Business Insider

Instead of spending over $1000 on a smartphone, you can get a comparable device with the $669 OnePlus 7 Pro. Here are the details, including price.

WhatsApp was hacked and attackers installed spyware on people's phones  Business Insider

Bad actors installed the surveillance technology by phoning the target through WhatsApp's call functionality, according to the Financial Times.

How to tell if your Google Pixel phone is waterproof or water-resistant, and to what extent  Business Insider

While the original Google Pixel was not waterproof or water-resistant, subsequent versions of the phone are varying degrees of water-resistant.

Using Phone Contact Book Apps For Digital Research - bellingcat  bellingcat

Popular apps such as TrueCaller or GetContact advertise the ability to see who is really calling you, even if you do not know the number, and alert the app user ...

How to Use TikTok: Tips for New Users  WIRED

It's been more than three years since the lip-syncing app Musical.ly, now known as TikTok, first became popular among tweens and teens. The social network ...

Thousand Oaks California shooting: Hero cop’s final phone call to wife  NEWS.com.au

SARGEANT Ron Helus was on the phone to his wife when reports of a shooting first came through.

Samsung is reportedly working on 2 more foldable smartphones that are completely different from the Galaxy Fold  Business Insider

We might see two new foldable smartphones from Samsung later this year or next year.

Macquarie Group launches telco Nu Mobile to sell used phones to Aussies  Business Insider Australia

A new competitor has entered the fight for your mobile phone contract. Macquarie Group is launching a telco called Nu Mobile, which will offer plans that come ...

AT&T just turned its 5G network on in 7 new cities, but you'll still have to wait until spring for the first smartphone that can actually connect to it  Business Insider

AT&T announced seven new cities where the company's 5G network has been activated, raising the count to a total of 19 cities in the US with AT&T's 5G network ...